Caleb Bike Building

our story

Hail! Coffee Company was born out of the rich coffee scene that has grown in Kansas City over the past decade.  The demand for new types of coffee beverages increased and inspiration grew and we ended up with this: Flash Brewed, Nitro Coffee on Tap on a Bike.

What is Flash Brewed, Nitro Coffee, you ask?  Great question future friend and customer!  We flash brew opposed to cold brew, which means that we use a precise ratio of hot water to ice to brew our product rather than steeping coffee at room temperature over a long period of time.  We could bore you with the scientific explanation for why we choose to flash brew, quite frankly we'd love to, but for now, suffice it to say, we dig it because it keeps the bright acidic zip in a traditional cup of joe. So, naturally, we put it on a bike so we could bring it to you!